We want to give you a tool for managing a bicycle shop and service that no one has ever offered on the market. Our goal is to improve sales and service activities to the extent that you can reap the real benefits of time and cost benefits.

Thanks to Ready.Bike, we allow you to earn money from additional services and organise the work of your service in such a way that customers can give their opinion on your actions only by posting positive opinions.




The main advantage of READY.BIKE is the Kanban board, which allows bicycle repair shops to easily manage their repairs.

A useful system of colorful alerts and notifications as well as user-friendly queues guarantee repairs made on time.

Customers are notified by SMS and e-mail about the progress of work at each stage of the repair.


The store can easily manage and record new sales quickly, including barcode scanning. Built-in CRM helps to build and manage customer database and repair history.

Customers are automatically invited for the first service after 2 months, which increases revenue.

The built-in e-warranty system makes selling faster than ever before.


The functional READY.BIKE system will allow you to add service orders efficiently and faster than before and to organise them effectively. 


READY.BIKE is also a marketing tool for communication between bicycle shops and their customers.

The tool allows stores to create and send email and SMS campaigns to all customers or specific recipients. The solution is GDPR compliant. 


READY.BIKE has very useful built-in marketplace functionality.

With this feature, the bike shop can order parts and accessories from the supplier directly on the service ticket form.

The service technician can focus on repairs and doesn't have to call to order parts.


Z is the perfect tool for managers and owners of bike services. is a cloud-based solution, thanks to which you can manage one, several or the entire network of services and control the work of service technicians from anywhere.



With you will organise your service's working time better, thanks to which you will increase its efficiency and receive more orders at the same time. Carry out more jobs within your existing working timeframe and enjoy greater productivity.



Take advantage of the opportunity to create a professional customer base that you will always have to hand. Thanks to this, you will always be up to date with the news and you will find the necessary data and information in one place.



At each stage of servicing, the system communicates with the customer and notifies him of the repair progress via e-mail and SMS. The system relieves the service technician in the contact with the customer, inviting him to pick up a bike and collecting opinions on Google/FB



Thanks to us, you will quickly build a customer base, and the tools built into the system will allow you to send marketing and sales information to them. You gain 3 channels of communication with the customer that you have never used before: e-mail, SMS, Messenger.



Lost service cards? Repair deadlines exceeded? Unpleasant phone call informing the customer about another missed deadline? Another negative opinion? Start each day with – 5 minutes of work in the morning will eliminate all of the above problems.



Daniel has extensive and many years of experience in the bicycle industry. He has been running a chain of bicycle shops and services for almost twenty years. For ten years he has been responsible for building the Superior and RockMachine bicycle brands in Central and Eastern Europe. He diagnosed the problem of effective bicycle repair and store management and created a solution based on the Kanban platform on which READY.BIKE is based.

Daniel Kurpisz

CEO and owner


Dawid has been associated with accounting since the beginning of his professional career. He had his first contact with accounting at the beginning of 2005, when he started working in the Ireneusz Majchrzak Accounting Office. After three years of intensive development, he moved to Poznań, to the company Stomil Sanok Dystrybucja Sp. z o.o. He was the person responsible for controlling. He currently runs an accounting office for over 400 customers. 

Dawid Laskowski

DC Finsanse

Dima has outstanding, well-established experience in software design and development. He easily copes with designing and implementing software solutions for the most advanced technologies. At every stage of the project development process, he supports us with his experience and broad unconventional view of the project. He studied at the National Ukrainian University of Technology. Thanks to him, the system works flawlessly.


Technical Director

Mateusz is our database creation and management specialist. He is responsible for responding to users' problems in using Ready.Bike and he is the first line of support in case of problems with the proper operation of accounts. Due to his extensive professional experience, no problem is an insurmountable obstacle for him.

Mateusz Chojnowski

Sales Director

Tomasz is our database creation and management specialist. He is responsible for responding to users' problems in using Ready.Bike and he is the first line of support in case of problems with the proper operation of accounts. Due to his extensive professional experience, no problem is an insurmountable obstacle for him.

Tomasz Kaczmarek

Technical Department

Piotr has many years of experience as an customer advisor. He is responsible for maintaining the best possible relationships with customers, as well as for acquiring new bike workshops to operate on the Ready.Bike platform.
Piotr Karolak

Customer service

You too can join the READY.BIKE team. Do you want to work with us to create the most modern bicycle service system in Europe? Find out how you can become an investor and contribute to the development of the READY.BIKE platform. In the link below you will find all the information that will help you start working with us. See for yourself!

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Piotr Biliński

"I recommend Ready.Bike to every undecided owner of the service who would like to improve the functioning of the repair queue, looking for new solutions. A functional, well-operating system that includes many useful functions. I recommend it!”

Rafał Mrok

"A very good system, giving many possibilities and improving the functioning of the website. Easy adding of orders, intuitive operation and automatic notifications for customers informing about the status of the service order, also encouraging them to leave a review on Google. I definitely recommend it to any bike service.” 

Dorian Karczewski

"Our initially sceptical attitude to the operation of the Ready.Bike system gave way to more and more satisfaction with the possibilities it offers. Recording orders, a clear and intuitive interface, automatic customer notification – a great thing. Today, no employee of our bicycle repair shop can imagine working without Ready.Bike.”

Dariusz Kończak

“The departure from service cards and the transition to the Ready.Bike system introduced a new quality in the functioning of our bicycle service. Productivity increased and Ready.Bike notifies the customer about the status of their repair. I recommend it!”

Tadeusz Bartoszek

"Since we introduced the Ready.Bike system to our service, working on service orders has become much more pleasant. We don't have to waste time trying to contact the customer, the system does it for us. All information is in one place and it is very easy to find all the necessary data on previous repairs.”




The offered package is the most extensive offer for bicycle shops and services on the market. A package of comprehensive solutions allows you to increase the efficiency of your company at an extremely low cost. Only READY.BIKE offers its customers solutions to their everyday problems through the use of a single platform. Monitor your work, reduce costs, save valuable time and earn more with our system.




We will get back to you as soon as possible


  1. Can I create an account on Ready.Bike myself?

The bicycle shop / workshop has the option to set up an account on the READY.BIKE platform after registering at the address

  1. What are the fees for using the platform?

When using READY.BIKE, you only pay for when you work on the platform, without any subscription fees. The cost of using it is 0.5 GBP for service ticket, 0.5 GBP for the registration of the bike sold and 0.1 GBP for each text message sent with the notification to the customer.

  1. What is the payment method for READY.BIKE? 

At the beginning of each month, an invoice "Access to the READY.BIKE platform" is issued for the activities performed on the platform.

  1. Does the use of READY.BIKE require a subscription?

Registration at READY.BIKE does not involve subscription fees. The first 30 service tickets are free. Only after the free limit of service tickets has been used up, the fees included in the answer to question 2. are charged. Resignation from READY.BIKE services during the test period does not involve any fees, just inform us by contacting us by e-mail ( or by phone (+48 514 476 546).

  1. Is READY.BIKE a program for service customers?

Ready.Bike is a program created for bicycle workshops and shops, as well as for service customers. The benefits for the workshop customers include automatically sent e-mail / SMS notifications about the progress in the repair of their bike and the possibility of making an appointment at the workshop. Customers can search on their profile for bicycle workshops cooperating with Ready.Bike and sign up for a bicycle repair. 

  1. How do I create a service ticket?

Creating a service ticket is very simple. On the board with current service tickets, simply click the "Add service ticket" button to open a new form in which we enter basic information about the customer and his bike, specifying the date of completion. Most importantly, the customer's data is saved on the profile so that the system reads all the necessary information the next time it is repaired. Customer data is stored in accordance with the regulation on the protection of personal data.

  1. What time can I contact the customer service department?

You can contact the Customer Service Department from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm(CET). Using the application form on the READY.BIKE website or at the e-mail address

  1. Who can I contact in case of technical problems?

Any problems related to the functioning of the system should be reported by contacting the e-mail address: (Mon-Fri, 9:00 - 17:00 CET).

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